Inductive Electrical Contact

Electro-mechanical limit value switches in traditional dial/pointer gauge measuring instruments are auxiliary current switches which, depending on the direction of movemen, open or close electrical circuits at the set limit values by means of a contact arm which is moved by the actual value pointer.

This inductive version is ideal for use in hazardous and Ex areas. ATEX and IECEx certification available.

Snap-action contacts essentially comprise:

  • an adjustable red set pointer
  • a supporting arm which is connected to the red set pointer and carries the contact pin and the adjustable magnet
  • a contact arm moved by the actual value pointer carrying the second contact pin

An adjusting lock provided with a separate or fixed key is used for external adjustment of the set pointers of the built-in limit value switches to set the value at which the switching operation is to take place. Our limit value switches are designed in such a way that the actual value pointer can move past the adjusted set pointer after the contact has been made; once made, however, the contact is maintained which means that even in the event of a power failure, this configuration guarantees stable switching in harmony with the position of the actual value pointer.
In our limit value switches, we use a non wearing jewel bearing consisting of a stainless steel shaft and 2 axially arranged synthetic rubies. This bearing is easy running, electrically insulating, resistant against aggressive media, and guarantees optimum safety even under extreme conditions of application.

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